Adapters, Extensions , Industrial Plugs and Sockets

10A . 2P
10A , 2P+T
FeMale 10A , 2P+T
10A ,2P+T 90°
German type plug 16A
German type socket 16A
Converter 10A ,2P+T
3 Presa 10A ,2P+T
3 Persa (Include 1way for German type socket) 10A ,2P+T
4 ways Extension , 3G1.0mm²*1 . 16A, 2P+T
5ways Extension 3G1.0mm²*1. 16A, 2P+T
5ways Extension with power key 3G1.0mm²*1. 16A, 2P+T
Collection of Adapters
Collection of Universal Extensions
2P+T IP44 ( 16A OR 32A)
3P+T IP44 (16A OR 32A)
2P+T IP67 (16A OR 32A)
2P+T IP44 (16A OR 32A)
3P+N+T IP44 (16A OR 32A)